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My name is Shakti Livdeep Kaur (Anna Robinson, LMHC).

I want to share what inspired me to create a Compassionate Path to Heal.

Engaging with many clients as a licensed clinical psychotherapist, I observed something was missing in my own healing process and clients who struggled with depression, addiction, anxiety and trauma.

I myself have been in therapy and implementing different therapy modalities.

My mission is to heal.

Being with my own clients; I noticed it helped to provide a safe, compassionate space to express their feelings and emotions. To share beautiful and painful stories without being judged. The dense emotions such as fear, sadness, shame and pain were present during our sessions. Clients felt relieved, experienced calmness and clarity during the sessions. Yet when I saw them week after week, something was missing, the negative mind was taking over and feeling calm, happy was just temporary.

I always had a deep passion to help myself and others. I saw beyond the story and pain. I strongly believe there is something more to us than just mundane life, pain, stress and trauma. So I have searched and searched for the answers.

My own experience and working with clients as a psychotherapist I witnessed temporary relief not healing.

I have experienced healing.

My curiosity and passion led me to Dr. Gabor Mate, Compassionate Inquiry Community and Kundalini Yoga and that’s where my light bulb hit!

I have experienced healing, deep profound healing. Immediately, I noticed a shift within my clients.

Healing was happening for them. They were able to transform feelings of anxiety, sadness, fear and shame. Leaving them with tools and inside how to live liberated and happy life. 

What happened is more than hope, it is a possibility for all of us to heal blocks within and have stress- free and happy life.

I invite you to join our community and experience for yourself healing within and beyond.

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